Event Program

  Event Program      Workshop Format

Scientific Societies Meetings

Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 June (Villa Orlandi - Mario Mertz Room)
International Society of Organic Agriculture (ISOFAR) Board Meeting

Wednesday 27 June - h. 12.00 (Anacapri Congress Center - Theatre Room)
GRAB-IT General Assembly (members only)


Day 1 - Wednesday June 27

Matteo Lorito (Head of DIA, University of Naples Federico II)
  Maria Rosaria Carillo (President of Associazione scientifica 'Centro di Portici')
  Gianni Cicia (on behalf of the organizing team)
  Raffaele Zanoli (President of GRAB-IT)
Gerold Rahmann (ISOFAR):
  Presentation of International Society of Organic Agriculture Research
Melania Ruiz (Springer):
  Presentation of Organic Agriculture
Keynote speaker - Alexandre Wezel:
  New developments in agroecology research and future challenges

Moderator: Massimo Fagnano

Better breeds, feeds, animal health, animal welfare in organic livestock farming and aquaculture

Chair: Antonio Di Francia

Brunella Arru, Roberto Furesi, Fabio Madau and Pietro Pulina:
  Organic Aquaculture and Sustainability: Economic Perspectives related to Introduction of Insect Meal in the Sea bass Diet
Danilo Gambelli, Francesco Solfanelli and Raffaele Zanoli:
  Socio-economic performance of organic aquaculture: a systematic review
Pierluigi Carbonara, Eleonora Fiocchi, Amedeo Manfrin, Maria Teresa Spedicato, Walter Zupa and Giuseppe Lembo:
  Personality screening in reared Sparus aurata for improving fish welfare
Andrea Bragaglio, Fabio Napolitano, Corrad Pacelli, Marialuisa Pisani and Ada Braghieri:
  Multi–functionality and environmental impact of beef production: a comparison between four systems

Transitioning to Circular Economy: the role of organic agriculture

Chair: Masimiliano Borrello

Anne-Kristin Løes and Steffen Adler:
  Increased utilization of renewable resources: dilemmas for organic agriculture
Michele Vollaro, Francesco Galioto and Davide Viaggi:
  Potential contributions of agricultural and applied economists to circular economy
Massimiliano Borrello, Stefano Pascucci, Francesco Caracciolo, Alessia Lombardi, Mario D'Amico and Luigi Cembalo:
  Transactional conditions to explain consumers’ engagement in a circular food chain
Stefano Pascucci, Emanuele Blasi, Luigi Cembalo, Domenico Dentoni and Jessica Duncan:
  Re-thinking food futures: the role of regenerative agriculture and circular food systems

Integrated Pest Management in Organic Farming Systems

Chair: Stefano Colazza

Maria Cristina Foti, Ezio Peri, Stefano Colazza and Michael Rostás:
  Chemical ecology and conservation biological control. Flowering plant volatiles as predictors of suitable resource for egg parasitoids
Gianfranco Romanazzi, Valeria Mancini, Erica Feliziani, Andrea Servili, Renzo Foglia, Danilo Coppa and Sandro Nardi:
  Use of chitosan and other natural compounds for control of grapevine downy mildew
Maria Tiziana Lisanti, Angelita Gambuti, Nadia Lombardi, Giada D'Errico, Roberta Marra, Luigi Picariello, Francesca Petracca, Luigi Moio, Matteo Lorito and Sheridan L. Woo:
  Biological treatments of grapevines improve the phenolic composition of aglianico wine

Fabio Tittarelli:
  Greenresilient: agroecological approach to organic greenhouse production in Europe
Massimo Palumbo, Nino Virzì, Fabiola Sciacca, Luca Colombo, Pasquale De Vita, Pasquale Nino, Elio Romano and Stefano Canali:
  Strengthening of Italian organic durum wheat production systems: the “biodurum” project
Maria Giovanna Ciliberti, Cristina Inghese, Matteo Francavilla, Marzia Albenzio, Agostino Sevi, Antonella Santillo, Rosaria Marino and Mariangela Caroprese:
  By-products from organic wine production: role as immunomodulator in sheep
Filomena Sannino, Gaetano Zuccaro, Teresa Nunziata and Domenico Pirozzi:
  Valorisation of lignocellulosic biomass: potential biodiesel production by Lipomyces starkeyi fermentation using Arundo donax hydrolysates polluted with Pb and Cd
Luigi Morra, Salvatore Baiano, Maurizio Bilotto and Daniela Baldantoni:
  The replacement of mineral fertilizers with biowaste compost in a seven-year experiment, enhanced vegetables productivity, soil organic carbon content with minimum nitrate leaching risk
Alessandra Trinchera:
  Agroecological inputs for healthy and safe food: eligibility criteria for plant biostimulants and basic substances within the agroecological paradigm
Marilena Furno, Gianni Cicia and Teresa Del Giudice:
  Italian and German organic consumers’ profile beyond the mean
Sabrina Giuca and Simonetta De Leo:
  A social network for dynamic buying groups: a case study on the exchange of typical and organic products in Rome
Elena Pagliarino, Stefano Bocchi, Patrizia Borsotto and Francesca Orlando:
  Achieving sustainable development goals through organic rice production: taking responsibility and building collaboration
Gaetano Martino:
  Decision making framework in Solidarity purchasing groups: evidence from the Italian case
Fabrizio Capoccioni, Domitilla Pulcini, Michela Contò, Sebastiana Failla, Francesca Tulli, Gloriana Cardinaletti, Luca Buttazzoni and Emilio Tibaldi:
  Louisiana red crayfish meal: a novel functional feed ingredient for organic fish diets?
Giuseppe Lembo, Domitilla Pulcini, Fabrizio Capoccioni, Maria Teresa Facchini and Walter Zupa:
  Database of organic juveniles for aquaculture
Anne-Kristin Løes, Adrian Evans, Nikolaos Katsoulas, Massimo De Marchi, Claus Sørensen and Ulrich Schmutz:
  Pathways to phase-out contentious inputs from organic agriculture in Europe (Organic-PLUS)

Day 2 - Thursday June 28

Keynote speaker - Ulrich Hamm:
  Does organic consumer research fulfil the needs of market actors?

Moderator: Luigi Cembalo

Sp. Session: Biodynamic Agriculture

Chair: Carlo Triarico

Carlo Triarico:
  Epistemological bases, research and new technologies in biodynamic agriculture
Fabio Tittarelli:
  Presentation of the CORE Organic project “Organic and biodynamic vegetable production in low-energy GREENhouses – sustainable, RESILIENT and innovative food production systems”
Alessandra Castellini, Christine Mauracher and Stefania Troiano:
  Consumer's willingness to pay for biodynamic wine in Italy: an experimental survey
Saida Favotto, Luca Grassetti, Francesco Marangon, Federico Nassivera, Edi Piasentier and Stefania Troiano:
  Consumer quality perception of conventional and biodynamic wine and the information effect: An empirical study

Protecting soils, water, air, biodiversity and landscapes

Chair: Nunzio Fiorentino

Elena Valkama and Marco Acutis:
  Innovative cropping systems for carbon market
Elham Ghabbour, Geoffrey Davies, Tracy Misiewicz, Reem Alami, Erin Askounis, Nicholas Cuozzo, Alexia Filice, Jennifer Haskell, Andy Moy, Alexandra Roach and Jessica Shade:
  Humic substance carbon sequestration in organic and conventional soils across the United States
Ewa Rembiałkowska, Maryla Dowbecka and Peter von Fragstein:
  The impact of organic and conventional agriculture on the crop and livestock biodiversity in Mazovian province, Poland

Emerging ethics concerns, minimal and careful food processing, sustainable food habits, lifestyles trust and consumer needs

Chair: Francesco Caracciolo

Francesca Gerini, Fabio Boncinelli, Caterina Contini, Leonardo Casini and Gabriele Scozzafava:
  Is organic preference a question of information? A choice experiment for milk
Victor Olowe, Olugbemiga Adeoluwa, Taofeeq Yekinni and Jolade Sansi:
  Development of ecological organic agriculture (EOA) commodity value chains: knowledge gap analysis, needs and priorities by gender
Adriano Profeta and Ulrich Hamm:
  Who cares for local feed in locally produced animal products? Results from a German-wide consumer survey
Katharina Menger and Ulrich Hamm:
  Communications problems prevent consumers from buying products from endangered livestock breeds - Opportunities for organic food shops

Sp. Session: Organic wine: consumer preferences and sensory properties

Chair: Riccardo Vecchio

Marco Lerro, Jeanette Klink, Ching-Hua Yeh, Riccardo Vecchio, Monika Hartmann and Luigi Cembalo:
  Organic wine vs. sustainable wines: who is the champion?
Isabel Schäufele and Ulrich Hamm:
  Drivers and barriers for organic wine consumption in Germany. Segmenting wine buyers based on real purachse data
Andrea Dominici, Francesca Gerini, Fabio Boncinelli and Enrico Marone:
  Attribute non-attendance in consumers’ choice of organic wine

Protecting soils, water, air, biodiversity and landscapes

Chair: Massimo Fagnano

Tommaso Gaifami and Gaio Cesare Pacini:
  FunBies, a Model for Integrated Assessment of Functional Biodiversity of weed communities in agro-ecosystems
Albino Maggio, Michael James Van Oosten, Emilio Di Stasio, Valeria Ventorino, Nadia Lombardi, Sheri Woo and Olimpia Pepe:
  Sustainable biostimulants to improve resource use efficiency in organic and low-input farming systems
Nunzio Fiorentino, Massimo Fagnano, Chiara Bertora, Carlo Grignani, Valeria Ventorino and Olimpia Pepe:
  A laboratory-dynamic approach for the estimation of native and fetilizer-derived N in Mediterranean agroecosystems
Erin Silva and Léa Vereecke:
  Optimizing Organic No-till Production of Soybean in the Upper Midwestern USA

Emerging ethics concerns, minimal and careful food processing, sustainable food habits, lifestyles trust and consumer needs

Chair: Simona Naspetti

Luigi Mennella, Domenico Tosco, Gianni Cicia, Pedro Xavier Da Silva, Bernardo Corrado De Gennaro, Oscar José Rover and Andrea Fantini:
  The Just Price applied in a Brazilian traditional eco-sustainable food
Christin Schipmann-Schwarze and Ulrich Hamm:
  Potentials and barriers for the organic poultry market – is price all that counts?
Riccardo Vecchio, Carla Cavallo, Gianni Cicia and Teresa Del Giudice:
  Linking bitter taste to healthy properties of organic food: an experimental auction study
Valentina Carfora, Carla Cavallo, Teresa Del Giudice and Gianni Cicia:
  The contribute of the Applied Social Psychology perspective to explain natural food purchasing

Sp. Session: Organic wine: consumer preferences and sensory properties

Chair: Gergely Szolnoki

Emel Ozturk, Simona Naspetti and Raffaele Zanoli:
  Predictive package design for organic mock wines. A study with Italian and Turkish consumers
Gergely Szolnoki and Katharina Hauck:
  Analysing the character and preferences of German organic and non-organic wine consumers
Meike Janssen, Isabel Schäufele and Katrin Zander:
  Target groups for organic wine

Sp. Session: Launching a European organic long term experiment network

Chair: Marion Casagrande

Invited speaker - Erik Steen Jensen:
  Long-term agroecological and organic field experiments: what does it mean and how to network?
Kathleen Delate, Cynthia Cambardella and Robert Turnbull:
  Long-Term Experiments of Organic Comparisons in the USA: Findings that Connect with the E.U. Network
Friedel J.K., Surböck A., Gollner G., Heinzinger M., Schweinzer A. and Freyer B.:
  Long-term monitoring of a conversion to organic farming – the MUBIL project
Florian Celette, Joséphine Peigne and Jean-François Vian:
  A Long Term Experiment to develop agroecological cropping systems for organic farming

Emerging ethics concerns, minimal and careful food processing, sustainable food habits, lifestyles trust and consumer needs

Chair: Betina Piqueras Fiszman

Francesco Zecca, Safiyat Khasanova and Natalia Rastorgueva:
  Consumers' awareness and consumers' attitudes towards organic food: evidence from Russia
Domenico Carlucci, Luigi Roselli, Giacomo Giannoccaro, Ruggiero Sardaro and Bernardo de Gennaro:
  Assessing consumer preferences for organic vs eco-labeled olive oils
Valentina Carfora, Gianni Cicia, Teresa Del Giudice, R. Viscecchia, B. De devitiis, G. Nardone, D. Caso:
  Organic Milk and consumer confidence: a TPB analysis including trust
Roberta Raffaelli and Luisa Menapace:
  Consumers’ preferences for ‘organic-plus’ pasta in Italy: a DCE with indirect questions

Corrado Ciaccia, Marta Di Pierro, Elena Testani and Danilo Ceccarelli:
  Participatory Research in organic apricot: growing the Central Italy experience
Ileana Iocola, Gabriele Campanelli, Fabrizio Leteo and Stefano Canali:
  The use of organic Long Term Experiments to support sustainability assessment. An Italian case study
Elena Testani, Corrado Ciaccia, Marcello Cutuli and Danilo Ceccarelli:
  System redesign under agroecological approach: a Central Italy experience
Claudia Di Bene, Mariangela Diacono, Elena Testani, Francesco Montemurro and Roberta Farina:
  Modeling the potential adaptation of organic horticultural systems to climate change scenarios in Southern Italy
Alessandro Persiani, Fiorella Stagno, Stefano Canali, Franco Montemurro and Giancarlo Roccuzzo:
  PALAP 9: energy analysis of agroecological practices for improving agricultural sustainability
Marion Casagrande, Laetitia Fourrié, François Boissinot, Delphine Bouttet, Enguerrand Burel, Laurie Castel, Florian Celette, Jean Champion, Anne Laure de Cordoue, Dominique Desclaux, Aurélien Dupont, Matthieu Le Bras, Thierry Quirin and Laurence Fontaine:
  The RotAB network: a set of 12 long term experiments on organic arable cropping systems
Daniele Antichi, Marco Mazzoncini, Paolo Bàrberi, Stefano Carlesi and Massimo Sbrana:
  The re-design of the MASCOT long-term experiment: shifting towards a full system approach
Luigi Tarricone, Giambattista Debiase, Gianvito Masi, Giovanni Gentilesco and Francesco Montemurro:
  Cover crops affect grapevine performance of organic Scarlotta Seedless® table grape under plastic film covering in Southern Italy
Khalid Azim, M Ait M’hamed, M Lahlali and I Tabrika:
  Different agroecosystem managements affects differently soil fertility by long-term organic amendment: case study of sandy soil in southwestern of Morocco
Gabriele Campanelli, Francesco Montemurro, Sara Sestili, Massimiliano Beretta, Fabrizio Leteo and Nazzareno Acciarri:
  The Monsampolo Organic VEgetable Long-Term field Experiment (MOVE LTE): the contribution of the development of vegetable organic production

Transition to Agroecology: producing sufficient healthful, safe and affordable food for a larger share of people worldwide

Chair: Paola Migliorini

Heliodoro Arguello Arias and Oscar Mauricio Archila:
  Integrated management of tomato cultivation for innocuous production in an agroecology transition process in the Eastern Andes of Colombia
Tommaso Gaifami, Valentina Vaglia and Stefano Bocchi:
  Networking, participatory professional education for researching and communicating agroecology in Italy: the case of OperA18
Claudia Di Bene, Chiara Piccini, Mariangela Diacono, Jorge Álvaro-Fuentes, Francesco Montemurro, Francisco Xavier Sans Serra, Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen, Kalvi Tamm, Martina Bavec, Stefano Canali and Roberta Farina:
  Modeling the effect of alternative agro-ecological service crops termination and tillage strategies on SOC and GHG emissions in five European organic vegetable systems in future climates
Francesca Varia, Dario Macaluso, Paolo Caruso, Alessandra Vaccaro and Giovanni Dara Guccione:
  System Dynamics Approach to investigate the adoption of “ancient varieties” of durum wheat in Sicilian organic cereal growing

Societal and Policy dimension of organic farming

Chair: Giuseppina Migliore

Domitilla Pulcini, Fabrizio Capoccioni and Luca Buttazzoni:
  Italian consumers’ purchasing behaviour towards organic seafood: openness or scepticism?
Maria Raimondo, Francesco Caracciolo, Concetta Nazzaro and Giuseppe Marotta:
  Organic farming system in Italy. Adoption barriers and determinants of technical efficiency
Jelena Karapandzin, Francesco Caracciolo and Vesna Rodić:
  Transition to organic agriculture: farmers adoption of IPM in North Serbia
Minna Väre, Tiina Mattila, Anu Koivisto, Timo Karhula, Kauko Koikkalainen, Sami Ovaska, Arto Latukka and Jukka Tauriainen:
  Enhancing the sustainable and competitive organic production in Finland

Emerging ethics concerns, minimal and careful food processing, sustainable food habits, lifestyles trust and consumer needs

Chair: Carla Cavallo

Simona Naspetti, Francesca Alberti, Massimo Mozzon and Raffaele Zanoli:
  Consumer preferences and willingness to pay of organic sparkling mock wines: results from a two-step study
Maurizio Canavari, Iana Perevoshchikova, Oliver Meixner and Rainer Haas:
  Consumer willingness to pay for local and organic potatoes in Saint Petersburg
Alessandra Vaccaro, Giovanni Dara Guccione, Ilaria Borri, Elena Pagliarino, Secondo Rolfo and Patrizia Borsotto:
  Beyond certification: the organic rice system in Italy

Day 3 - Friday June 29

Keynote speaker - Elena Mente:
  Challenges and bottlenecks of organic aquaculture
Keynote speaker - Eduardo Cuoco:
  Horizon Europe: A mission for organic research and innovation

Moderator: Teresa Del Giudice

Societal and Policy dimension of organic farming

Chair: Danilo Gambelli

Francesco Solfanelli, Danilo Gambelli, Riccardo Meo and Raffaele Zanoli:
  Estimating production in organic durum wheat. A multiple imputation approach on yield data
Jozsef Toth and Gabor Kiraly:
  Does climate change influence bio-production? The case of Hungary
Giuseppe Lembo, Isabella Bitetto, Pierluigi Carbonara, Maria Teresa Facchini, Maria Teresa Spedicato and Walter Zupa:
  The challenge of organic aquaculture in the view of master's students on mediterranean organic agriculture
Bent Egberg Mikkelsen:
  Organic AND local? Caseinsights from a two-in-one approach to regional public food sourcing for the public in the city of Aalborg

Emerging ethics concerns, minimal and careful food processing, sustainable food habits, lifestyles trust and consumer needs

Chair: Valentina Carfora

Carla Cavallo, Teresa Del Giudice, Marilena Furno and Gianni Cicia:
  The values behind organic purchases: a study in Germany and Italy
Di Monaco R. Cavella S. Miele N.A. Braghieri A. Condelli N. Napolitano F.:
  Attitude towards organic food and consumer Choice
Diana Agrelli, Rosalia Scelza, Carmine Amalfitano, L. Sandei, R. Vadalà, S. Pirondi, F. De Sio , M. Zaccardelli, P. Adamo and M.A. Rao:
  Quality and nutritional characteristics of processing tomatoes from organic farming
Giuseppina Migliore, Giorgio Schifani, Giuseppina Rizzo and Giovanni Dara Guccione:
  Organic Certification or Health Claims in Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: Which Health Attribute do Adult Italian Consumers prefer?


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